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Tree Meditation

You can lie down, sit or stand for this meditation. Standing helps me get the fullest effect. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Clear your mind of all your worries and all your troubles. You are right here, right now, and nothing else exists at this current moment. The only thing you are aware of is your breath, flowing effortlessly in.... and out, in.... and out. When a thought comes into your mind, say to yourself: nothing but me exists in this moment, nothing matters at this moment. I detach myself, just for this moment, from everything. The only thing I notice is my breath.  As you clear your mind, and release your stress, you feel yourself relaxing more and more deeply.
Focus now, on your feet. Imagine them barefoot and on the earth. You can see yourself standing in the grass, in the mud, in the sand, whatever setting makes you feel more connected with the great Mother Earth. You feel this connection growing stronger and stronger, as you spread your toes out, and f…