I Reiki'd Myself Today

It's difficult for me to take time for myself. Life constantly demands my attention. There’s always a task waiting to be done or a child who needs attention or a whiny husband who knows that if he gives me a second to think, then I’ll see him for who he really is. (I’m kind of jealous of his ability to make everyone believe that he is this innocent, gentle, honest little man.)  I tend to push through, and don't a whole lot. Just keep swimming, right? The “right” thing to do, as to not seem like an emotional psychopath, is to smile and act like everything is fine. This can only be done for so long, before the pressure builds, and the volcano erupts. My volcano has been spewing and spitting, boiling and bubbling, on the verge of explosion over the last few days. But like I was supposed to, I managed to hold it in just a little longer. When I woke up this morning, I felt instant anger.

Today WAS the day.

I decided to finally take some time for myself. I had about 30 minutes while the boys were gone, and I decided to do self-Reiki, as my new friend inspired me to do. How can I heal others if I’m such a wreck, right? I almost feel guilty taking the time, but today, I did. After my self-treatment, I felt a complete turnaround in my mood. I feel calm and relaxed. I’m not upset or stressed out about anything right now. I know that things are changing in my life right now, and that everything is going to be OK.

I’ve studied and practiced Reiki for a while now, and I’ve secretly wanted for some to give me a Reiki treatment (that I didn’t have to pay for, of course). The first time time a person that I was working on sent Reiki back to me, I felt totally rejuvinated and refreshed and loved, like I’d just been hugged by my grandma. That’s the kind of energy that I want to radiate into the world. I finally realized that I need to heal myself, so that I can. I am making a commitment to myself to heal myself so that I can heal the world.

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