What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is healing energy. Reiki is all around you all the time. Reiki is within you, within me, and within that tree over there. Reiki is the energy of life. A reiki session involves using the practitioner's  body as a vessel and the hands as a "spout" for the reiki energy to flow into you. Once the energy is within you, reiki will go where it is needed most. Reiki can be used to balance chakras, promote self-healing, and to relax in the midst of a stressful situation. Reiki practitioners do not actually do the healing. Reiki, itself doesn't heal. Reiki energy basically helps you vibrate in a way that promotes self-healing. Our bodies are designed with an amazing built-in self-healing (immune) system, that works wonders, if the conditions within your body are correct.

 When you receive a reiki treatment with me, be prepared to relax, in a BIG way. You will sit in a comfortable chair (for a quick treatment) or lie on a massage table (for standard or extended treatments). I will start by combing through your aura to sense any blockages in the flow of your energy, then I will gently place my hands on you. (Figuratively speaking with distant healing) I will begin with each chakra point, and my hands will be intuitively guided to other positions. I will address specific ailments/pains as requested.

During the session, you might feel heat, cold, tingling, or pulling sensations as i place my hands in different positions. You may see colors or visions (most people close their eyes, but this is optional). You may cry as blocked energy is released. This is OK, and I will have tissues handy. You may feel very little at all. This is rare, but it is OK too. You may gradually notice differences over the next few days after a treatment. Sometimes it takes multiple healings to clear heavy blockages. Most people feel extremely relaxed and rejuvenated after a session.

I will go to you at home, at work, in the hospital, wherever you need me within the Greenville area. Please contact me for rates and appointments. 

I also do animal reiki and distant reiki. Animals love reiki. My dog Mia seems to know when I'm about to give her a treatment. She lies down, with her head in my lap, licking my arm the whole time. Distant reiki is great to send to someone who is in another state or country. Reiki is not restricted to space/time, and can be sent to future situations, such as weddings, job interviews, first day of school, and so on. It can also be sent to past situations that are still causing pain or emotional problems in order to heal and release yourself from the energy of the events.

You can also learn how to use Reiki. There's no special super-power involved. It's simply learning to manipulate the reiki energy and guide it to a desired area. Anyone can learn to self-heal with reiki. I can very easily teach you.

You can email me for more information or for an appointment at kaciviola99@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you! 

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