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OK, so here's where I am with distance Reiki. I was taught to set the intention for Reiki to flow for a certain period of time, given that either I have permission of the recipient or I claim the disclaimer 'for the highest good, if their higher self accepts....'  I'm typically backward in my processes and like to customize any 'procedures' to my own personal way of doing things, so this is where I am currently:

I've decided to set the intention for Reiki to flow to a person or situation for as long as they need it and as often as they need it. Setting a specific time period seems so limiting. I feel that people will benefit more from Reiki if the energy flows to them in a way that is specific to them. One person might need an hour long session once a day, another person could benefit from having the energy flow for 15 minutes each hour. I feel that Reiki will know what the person needs and for how long, so I set the intention as such. The end goal is for Reiki to continue to flow to the person as the person needs it, on and on forever.

'For the higher good' This seems a little redundant to me. The whole point of sending Reiki is to allow a person/situation to vibrate in the best possible way to produce the highest possible good. Even if a person is having an experience for a reason and the situation isn't currently calling for any 'healing' in particular, then why would it be bad to send energy that will help the highest possible outcome to occur? I don't necessarily think of Reiki as 'healing' energy. Reiki is life force energy. It assists in creating the highest possible vibration. When applied to the human body, it allows the body to heal itself with its own amazing biochemical and biological processes. That's where the healing actually comes into play.

And as a side note, I've been thinking a lot about protecting myself energetically. This has seemed so wrong to me as long as I've known about it. It seems that blocking myself off from others' emotions is blocking my gift. The problem is, at least for me, is allowing the energy to get stuck to me. Then it brings me down or drains me completely. Lately what I've been doing is this: when I protect myself with my energy bubble, I allow myself to feel the feelings of others, so I know where to direct the good juju. I don't allow it to get stuck, though. When the energy does feel it's getting stuck, even after sending good vibes, I do my tree meditation. I imaging the energy flowing down my roots to be healed and recycled by the great mother. With this, even a quick visualization helps.

Finally, I have to share with you the reason I chose this picture. Recently, a good friend of mine gave me some great inspiration. My mind can get stuck on certain 'movies', which can result in my imagination spiraling out of control. I can take a small negative thought and evolve it into an all-out panic attack. (Well, maybe not that extreme, but yeah, maybe it is.) The idea is that when you notice the negative thoughts rolling, immediately switch your thought to something positive, such as a happy memory, a place, or a person that makes you feel good. Don't hesitate or delay the changing of thoughts. Immediately switch the chann---squirrel! :) Remember, you ARE your thoughts. Keep them positive. My 'squirrel' is remembering blowing bubbles with the babies at the daycare. Good times!

Well, there you have it. Nothing fancy, and a little scattered, but I have been feeling the need to write some things down. I would love you hear your comments. <3 Peace and love, friends.

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