Set it and Forget it - Setting the Intention for Distance Reiki

There are many different ways to deliver Reiki to people. My absolute favorite is the hands-on treatment. I really enjoy the way my hands feel when Reiki flows through them. It's an extremely high-vibration, warm, and tingly feeling. Since hands-on treatments were the first things taught in the Reiki course, I associate the delivery of Reiki with the tingly hands.

While giving distance Reiki, there are many ways to keep that 'tingly-handed' feeling, such as using a doll or a picture to represent the recipient. Sometimes, though, there might not be anything available to use, or the situation might require the intention to be set so the sender can move on. In a perfect world, we could sit for hours and meditate and send Reiki to all of those who need it, but honestly, we work, we have kids, and time doesn't always allow for such. One of my biggest strengths has always been finding the most efficient way to get things done, so I am going to share with you my four favorite ways to 'Set it and Forget it'.

The most recently discovered method is the placement of Reiki hands. Reiki hands are an energetic visualization of my hands while Reiki flows through them. I usually leave the Reiki hands on someone after a quick visualization of all the positions that I would place my hands if delivering Reiki in person. If I feel a pull to a certain area or areas during this process, I will leave a Reiki hand there, to amplify the treatment that I've set the intention for.

The Reiki hug and the Reiki cocoon are both methods that I often use with my children. The Reiki hug is just what it sounds like. I simply visualize myself hugging the recipient. Reiki will flow out of my entire body (not just my hands) into theirs. This is a nice way to remind someone that they are not alone, that they are loved, and it can help ease emotional turmoil. I make sure to Reiki hug my children each morning as they leave for school and each night before I go to bed.

I use the Reiki cocoon more for someone who is severely ill or out of balance. This is also good for someone affected by a virus, stress, or anything else that affects the entire body. I imagine Reiki forming a cocoon around their whole being and delivering intense treatment while they sleep. The cocoon can also be used for comfort and protection.  It works great with a child who is learning to sleep in the bed alone or who is spending the night away from home.

The most brilliant idea that i just had yesterday, and I'm still putting energy into setting the intention for it today, is this: Every time I think about someone, I send Reiki to them. Regardless of what I'm thinking, regardless if the energy is good or bad. When someone pops into my mind, for any reason, Reiki will flow to them for as long as they need, for whatever they need. How's that for efficient delivery of good juju? Can you tell I'm a little excited about my new idea?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Tell me about your methods for sending distance Reiki. What works for you? I would love to start up a conversation and learn from all of you. Love and peace, friends.

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