Eight of Earth/Page of Water - Daily Reading

For today's message, two cards fell out. The way I select the card for the daily message is this: I pray that the Angels guide me to a message for you all. Then I shuffle the cards until one (or two) fall out of the deck. Once the card is chosen, I spend a few quiet moments in reading and meditation before typing up what I'm guided to say.

I always start with a Thank you, because gratitude is inexplicably important. The prayer/meditation/whatever you want to call it will always contain positive phrases, that when meditated upon, will aid the Law of Attraction. It is also important that you speak clearly of what you want, and NOT go on and on about what you don't want. Putting focus on what you don't want, attracts more of that, so that's the reason I use the positive phrases.

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Thank you for guiding me toward continuing my education. In order to become a master in my field, I must learn as much as I can about it, and doing so will help me meet like-minded people and live an abundant life.  Thank you for providing me the ability to see into people, the gift of unlimited love and the opportunitiy for learning , so I can expand my skills and serve my life's purpose.

My Prayer Interpretation
by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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