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So, I've been struggling with what to call my daily card reading, prayer/meditation of the day, blog posts. What I do is once a card (or two) fall out of the deck, I read about and meditate on the card. Then I write up a combination of a gratitude prayer / affirmation associated with the feeling of the card.  The other day I came up with a great word to describe how I interpret the cards: Prayerfirmation. So, now you will see my posts titled Prayerfirmation of the Day.
Thank you for helping my creative juices flow freely.  I have put in the effort required to achieve quality results. I am so grateful that my hard work is rewarded, and I'm grateful that this will help me advance in my career. I am proud of what I do, and this leads me to great success.
Thank you for this wonderful stroke of luck that is a result of the energy that I've put forth. Thank you for guiding me to push my wheel forward as I pursue my life purpose. I have the power to control my own fate and I have everything I need to do what I'm here to do.
My Prayer Interpretation
by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
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