Tree Meditation

I'd like to share with you a lovely meditation that I do more than any other one. I call it: I Am A Tree I've been doing it for years, and this one is pretty simple and easy to do. It is a powerful meditation, though. Be prepared to feel an extreme amount of energy flow as you reach deep into the Earth to retrieve her beautiful energy and high into the heavens to reach the divine celestial energy, then combine the two within in order to radiate necessary life-force energy. With this meditation, I become a beacon of love and Reiki, so I can provide what others need without running dry.  I've listed the steps below. Nothing has to be exact, or done in any certain order. The overall intention is what counts here. Each person's tree will be a little different, like this beautifully awkward tree that is pictured below.

This meditation best done outside, barefooted, face-to-the-sun. I like to be with the four elements, when possible, and the beach is my favorite way to have them all together. I love the rush and power of the water moving in and out while I'm firmly grounded in the sand. Personal preferences aside, it can actually be done anywhere. I do it in the shower, in the kitchen, at for a few seconds at work. Like with any meditation, longer is generally more beneficial, and any amount of time that can be spent is good.
  1. Stand with your feet planted firmly into the ground (don't lock your knees).
  2. Raise your arms high above your head.
  3. Stretch your spine upwards, make yourself as tall as you can.
  4. Spread your fingers and toes as far apart as you can.
  5. Imagine that you're a tree, and your feet and toes are roots growing into the ground.
  6. See your arms as branches and fingers as twigs with leaves hanging off.
  7. Feel the earth energy come up through your 'roots' and fill your body.
  8. Feel the energy of the sun enter through your 'leaves' and fill your body.
  9. Watch the two energies combine inside yourself; feel the power and the love.
  10. Radiate this amazing energy through your branches and out your leaves / down your trunk and out your roots / from every portion of your body.
  11. Set your intention to keep this energy flowing far beyond the meditation session.
This is such a nice, balancing meditation.  I especially like it, because I've always had a deep love for trees. I remember as a child, looking endlessly at this particular tree in the back yard. The leaves would twinkle and glisten in the sunlight, and a breeze would make them sparkle like glitter. In the Fall, the leaves would drift down ever so delicately, swirling and twisting in the wind. The roots stuck out of the ground at just the right spots for us to use them to climb down to the creek. Anyway, enough about my childhood love affair with a tree, try the meditation. It's a good one. Let me know what you think. Love and peace, friends.

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