20 Questions for the Confused Empath

  1. Why do I have to protect my energy?
  2. Is feeling other peoples’ emotions supposed to be a gift?
  3. If feeling others’ emotions is my “gift”, then why am I being told to block it all the time?
  4. Aren’t ’empaths’ (as the new-agers call it) here for a reason?
  5. Why is crying when other people cry part of my life purpose?
  6. Isn’t shielding myself promoting separation of you and me?
  7. Isn’t that what duality is all about?
  8. How can I connect to you if I’m protecting myself from you?
  9. Am I supposed to reflect your energy back to you?
  10. Is that why you don’t like me?
  11. Is it my job to make the energy vibrate nicely before I reflect it back to you?
  12. Will that make you like me?
  13. Is there a way to do that without feeling the painful emotions?
  14. If I AM life-force energy, then how does my energy get depleted?
  15. How can I make that stop?
  16. Is that all in my mind?
  17. What is the easiest way to replenish my own energy when I’m feeling drained?
  18. What is the easiest way to replenish the energies of the people/things around me?
  19. Is there a way to replenish energy quickly when one is unable to go outside, exercise, ect?
  20. Can anyone answer these questions?

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