Meditation/Prayer of the Day for May 27, 2016

This morning, I saged each card from my Angel Tarot deck individually to cleanse the energy . I began to shuffle with the intention of picking a card for the readers of the blog, and this card fell out with the first shuffle. I normally take a picture of the card with my phone, meditate on its meaning, and make a short prayer of thanks out of the meaning. When I take a picture  with my phone, it automatically assigns the image a number in this format: IMG_2016091304_523. The first set of numbers is the date/time the picture was taken, but I've found no rhyme or reason for the last three digits.

I'm more than a little obsessed with numbers, so I decided to look up the meaning of the extension on today's photo, which was 523. The meaning followed right along with the message of today's reading. I included a link, so you can read it for yourself. Here is a link to read about the meaning of the number 13, which is the number of the card and of course, falls in line with today's message as well. Happy reading.

Meditation/Prayer of the Day
Thank you for helping me realize that I no longer belong in this toxic situation. Thank you for assisting me in releasing all energies that do not serve my higher purpose. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to overcome my fears, so that I can create the reality that I dream of.  Thank you, angels, for being here as I end one phase of my life and begin a new one.

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