Five Ways to Stay Positive

Five Ways to Stay Positive

     In a world where we are surrounded by so much negativity, it can be hard to stay positive. There's negativity in the news, drama within our circle of family/friends/coworkers, stress that comes with being an adult. Nevermind all the smiley, perky people encouraging us to keep our chin up and just stay positive. How can they be so happy all the time? 
     You have to make a choice to be happy. Choose positivity. See the glass as half full. Better yet, see the glass as completely full (it is if you consider the air inside). That is clearly much easier said than done, but there are some things you can do to to get yourself into a good frame of mind:
  1. Subliminal affirmations are positive statements spoken at a low volume in the background, with music playing in the foreground. These positive affirmations can be found on YouTube (just search for "subliminal affirmations"), and they last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours or more. There are different videos, with affirmations for releasing negativity, promoting positive thinking, self-esteem, abundance attraction, etc. I typically listen to them (in my earbuds, because lots of them have binaural beats playing) while I work on my blog, work out at the gym, or do chores around the house.    
  2. Meditation helps align your energy and allows you to reflect on your life. With meditation, you can clear yourself of any negative energies that have attached themselves to you. Once the negativity is gone, there's nothing left but positive energy.  
  3.  Reiki helps balance your chakras and increases the energy flow throughout your body. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that is present in every living thing. Setting the intention to receive a reiki therapy treatment allows your body to vibrate at the most optimal level. This is great for stress relief, symptom relief, chakra balancing, you name it. I always feel totally relaxed after a reiki session. I feel like my energy is flowing in the most positive way possible, like I've released all the anger, tension, and stress that I was holding.
  4. Exercise causes your body to release endorphin, which is the feel-good molecule. Exercising will result in your being healthy and fit. Good health is essential to remaining positive. Make your heart happy. It's a lot easier to stay positive when your body feels good.
  5. Going outside and appreciating nature is probably the easiest way to stay positive. There are so many beautiful things in nature to appreciate. For best results, walk outside on the ground barefooted. Feel the earth, sand, grass, whatever the terrain is, in between your toes. Feel the earth's energy transfer to you through your feet. Feel your connection with the earth and watch your energetic roots grow.
   These are just a few of the many things that you can do to keep your vibration high. Find whatever works for you. Try them all, use them all, and see what makes you feel the best. I recommend doing each of these things daily, if possible. Our lives certainly are busy, so even if you can't do every thing every day, do them as often as you can to help you feel happy and calm.   

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