Angelic-Guided Automatic Writing Take 2

Hey guys, I'm back at it again with the automatic writing. The first time I did it was so inspiring and uplifting, but for some reason, when I put the pen down, I had an overwhelming urge to cry. I wanted to try it again, making sure to protect myself before and ground myself after. I didn't physically go outside and stand barefooted, but I did visualize my red roots growing to the ground. It didn't make a difference.

I was fine until I began typing this blog, then the tears just started flowing. It was so intense, that I had to take a break and come back. This time, it didn't feel so much like someone else's feelings, but a feeling of release, which makes sense, as the angel stated that he was Raphael, and I had just given myself a pretty extensive reiki treatment before I started. I'd like to share my message with you, but due to how personal some of it is, I will leave some of it out. Enjoy reading, and comment below.

Hi. My name is Raphael. I am here to help you heal. Release your worries to me and I will show you the way. Trust in my guidance. I know all. I want you to know that you are loved so much. You are love. I love you. You love you. (That person) loves you. (That other person) loves you. The kids love you more than anything. You have been a good influence on them in the way of having no greediness, compassion, giving, and caring. I think it is important to think about what you're doing before you do it.......You radiate love. You are here to love, to give love, to receive love, to teach love, to spread love, to make love. You need to realize what a wonder you are. You are here to do great things. I gave you a fiery soul so you could get things done. Don't let fear hold you back. Release it to me. Go forth, and live your purpose. 

This time was a little easier. I hope you all enjoy reading my channeled messages, and I will continue to post them. Please comment below. Do you use automatic writing to connect with spirit, angels, etc? I would love to hear about your experiences as well, as you developed your skill. 
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