Prayer/Meditation of the Day for May 13, 2016

 ☼☾✽ This time I was drawn to do things a little differently. I have pulled three cards. Set your intention to receive a message, then pick a card (or two). If you feel drawn to all three cards, you need all three messages. Typically, the three-card layout is for a past-present-future reading, so you can interpret the reading as such, if you feel so inclined. The messages are below. I will deliver the message in the form of a prayer or meditation of thanks, as usual, because we have EVERYTHING to be thankful for. Love and Peace, friends. ☼☾✽ 

Card 1 (left)
Five of Water

Prayer/Meditaiton: Dear God, Thank you for the prayers that remain unanswered so that I can stay on the righteous path. Thank you for helping me to let go of past issues and to see past the mistakes that were made along the way. Thank you for helping me focus on the positive aspects of the future as I move forward. Thank you for giving me hope.


Card 2 (middle)
Eight of Fire

Prayer/Meditaiton:  Dear Jesus, Thank you for moving things forward with my life. Thank you for keeping me busy and for helping me prioritize my to-do list. Thank you for leading me to take charge of what is important in life and get things done.


Card 3 (right)
Page of Fire     

Prayer/Meditaiton:  Dear Creator, Thank you for the outstanding opportunities that are coming my way. Thank you for leading me to follow my passion. Thank you for helping me to "think outside the box" to find new ways to manifest my desires.


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