Meditation/Prayer of the Day for May 31, 2016

Hey guys, this is the last time that I will post my daily reading in this group. I will continue to be active here, but posting in multiple groups every day has become a bit of a chore. I will continue to offer my Angel Tarot-Inspired Meditation/Prayer of the Day. I will post it in one group only. You are more than welcome to come check out my group  Once you join the group, the Meditation/Prayer of the Day will show up in your news feed.  I look forward to seeing you there. Comment, drop a post, spread the love.

These two cards jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling. The Angels have a lot to say. ☺

 Meditation/Prayer of the Day
Thank you for allowing me to recognize and harvest the energy of the Queen of Fire, so that I can take care of my family, pursue a career, save the humans, save the Earth, and continue my spiritual journey. Thank you for giving me the strength and power to balance it all. Thank you for giving me the ability to guide others toward their inner greatness. Thank you for helping me recognize that my fears are the only thing holding me back from my true potential. Thank you for guiding me to embrace these fears and send loving energy to them. Doing so will calm the fears, so that they have little effect on my forward momentum. Thank you for reminding me to keep my thoughts positive and focus on my many blessings, rather than the things that I desire.


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