Meditation/Prayer of the Day for May 23, 2016

Today, I decided to do a past, present, future reading. Well, I didn't actually decide that, I was just following my guidance. I had the readers of the blog in mind when I was shuffling, and these three cards jumped out of the deck together. I simply used the top card from the pile that fell out (deck face-up, of course, because I'm different) as the past. The middle card was placed as the present and the bottom card was used for the future position.

*(Card descriptions paraphrased from The Big Book of Angel Tarot by D. Virtue and R. Valentine.)*

Past - Three of Fire
Take a break and reflect on your successes and plan on continuing to be successful in the future. You know that your karmic rewards and manifestations are on their way, so stop waiting for them and begin a new adventure. Time to dream big.

Present - Five of Earth
Focusing on lack, whether its lack of money, lack of love, lack of peace, will simply bring more of that energy into your life. Focus on the positive and on what you already have and appreciate to bring more of the same. It is important to ask for and accept the help that is provided to you. It could also mean that it's not a good time to change jobs or rely solely on self-employment.

Future - Nine of Earth
All of your hard work has paid off, and now it's time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Self-employment is highly favored with this card, as is retirement. Enjoy your time alone and in nature. Meditation is key.

Meditation/Prayer of the Day

Thank you for giving me time to stop and think about how I got to be successful and how I will continue to grow. Thank you for helping me clear my thoughts, so that only positive, uplifting, self-affirming thoughts run through my head. I know that though dictates reality, and I really appreciate the help with keeping my vibration high. Thank you for rewarding all the hard work that I've done. Thank you for the gift of meditation.

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