Five More Ways to Stay Positive

 Five More Ways to Stay Positive


I previously wrote a blog post titled "Five Ways to Stay Positive", that gives five great methods for getting into a positive frame of mind. There are so many things you can do to keep your vibration high, so I will go over five more things you can do to help you get into a positive mindset.

  1. Be grateful for everything in your life. The more you're grateful for what you have, the more good you will attract into your life. The key to abundance is gratitude. Being in a thankful mindset naturally leaves you feeling happier and more positive.
  2. Helping others naturally makes us feel better. The energy that we put out there comes back to us, so if we're acting in a positive and helpful way, more positive energy will return to us.
  3. Psychic protection is extremely important if we want to remain positive. There are so many people who rely on the energy of others to fill their own energy reserves. If you use some form of psychic protection (energy bubble, white light, violet flame, etc.), it will make it hard for them to drain your chi.
  4. Playing with animals helps improve everyone's mood. If you don't have a pet, you can visit your local rescue shelter or pet store to cuddle a cute furry baby. You can even close your eyes and visualize yourself laying in the middle of a pile of bunnies to give yourself a quick lift.
  5. Get up, dress up, show up. Social anxiety can really drain our energy. It's easy to get caught up in wondering what people will think of you or if you'll embarrass yourself somehow. The only way to release those fears is to get up, dress up, and show up. Once you do, you'll see that there was nothing to be anxious about. Nothing feels better than the realization that all your fears were irrational. It's important that you don't allow fear to hold you back. Meditate and pray about your anxieties, then just do it.
Let's keep this positive vibe going. I would like to hear from some of you on how you stay positive and vibrating in a happy way. Please comment below. Don't forget to share. You can subscribe to my blog below. I can't wait to hear from you! 

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