#35 of the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva

I am on a lifelong spiritual path, and recently, I've been seeking some spiritual guidance. Churches make me really uncomfortable. I really don't have the money to pay for training courses or to attend seminars, so I've been consulting the Google for inspirations on how to become the best version of myself. I think my friend, Mon Chi is psychic or something, because he sent me some things to read and study yesterday, when my need for guidance was perhaps a little higher than 'normal'.  I'm really too ADD to sit and read through everything he sent all at one time, so I skimmed through it all. The thing that really caught my eye was this article, which you can read the for yourself on my group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reikirenewal/. It's called "37 Practices of the Bodhisattva" by Jean Myrner. Here's a direct link to the pdf: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/777%20Energy-of-the-Bodhisattvas.pdf?token=AWxqSADGm8MWmxzyezLpTOCUl7C0e_kXo0WEPjWGqRBDdoaMucUhvh1ijM8FXsaz0yM0BI7BWigTHMdLLvsdvYyv_M1YISx91GV-knFUkkK_aFXm3eGmVcFUlEUtirys6SQoR_MJzxP5Lj0TaqhrJgF6

I'm not a Buddhist, or any other religion for that matter, but for right now, Buddhism seems to most closely match this point on my spiritual journey. I'm basing this on the little bit of knowledge of Buddhism that I've picked up from the Google and from that summer online Religion class I took in college several years ago. I know that I am here to help the humans in some way, and the best way I can help is to be the best version of myself and hopefully inspire others to be the best version of themselves. The rest will take care of itself.

I'm going to pick one of the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva to meditate on and practice each day.  The OCD in me wants me to start with #1 on the list and work my way down to #37 (read the article posted on my page to see the list),  but there are some things toward the end of the list that seem more important for me to work on right now.  I will begin there.

#35 Habitual disturbing emotions are hard to stop through counter actions. Armed with antidotes, the guards of mindfulness and mental alertness destroy disturbing emotions like attachment at once, as soon as they arise. -- This is the practice of the Bodhisattvas. (JAPID- Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Ignorance, Desire)

 I decided to pick this practice first, because it goes along with what I've been working on lately. I have decided to rid my mind of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts result in negative reality. I want to destroy any negative thoughts (or emotions) as soon as they begin, so that they have little effect on my being. My goal is to be able to "destroy [those] disturbing emotions...as soon as they arise."

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